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Third Release

In consideration of their dedication to improving the lives or conditions of others, I release the following individuals from liability associated with possibly viewing my confidential, personal, and private information, likeness and/or property that may or may not have been made public as a result of what could reasonably be described as a purposeful, egregious attack on my constitutional, civil and human rights in the possible form of concerted unauthorized access or hacking of my assets:

  1. doctors, nurses, medical technicians, therapists, aestheticians, cosmetologists, make-up artists, personal trainers, nutritionists, pet care professionals
  2. hospital, medical clinic, geriatric care professionals and administrators
  3. performing arts instructors, preschool/K-12 teachers, college professors, school/college/university administrators and their aides
  4. facility/property/parks/land maintenance and management, janitors, recycling/waste removal and management employees, construction workers and tradespeople, jewelers, graphic artists, tattoo artists, interior designers/decorators, furniture/furnishing/accessory manufacturers/sellers
  5. employees who stand on their feet for work and greet or ask people if they can help
  6. customer/technical service representatives, realtors, real estate appraisers and sales professionals
  7. employees of any organization receiving a donation from me in the past 12 months and the intended recipients of that organization’s philanthropy
  8. appointed or elected Republicans who were “primaried" after January 2017 for not kissing the ring (because you chose country over party)
  9. active duty U.S. military, police officers, investigators, CSI, CIA, other DOD/DOJ/civil servants
  10. accountants, caterers/chefs, drivers, engineers, finance professionals, florists, hospitality staff, investment bankers, journalists, management consultants, museum staff, perfumers, veterinarian/zoo staff, firefighters, paramedics, coroners, funeral directors and staff, symphony philharmonic artists and administrators, Broadway/off-Broadway artists
  11. actors portraying the twelve most frequently recurring roles on Succession, Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, Dua Lipa, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Eddie Murphy, Evanescence, female comedians, Gym Class Heroes, IceT, Kevin Hart, Madonna, Peete Family, Rita Ora, Rolling Stones, Sia, The Weeknd
  12. My social media network

Should any of the above be found guilty of any other act of assault, breaking and entering, unlawful entry, intellectual or physical property destruction, plagiarism or theft, abuse of power, stalking, insurrection or terrorism, my release is immediately cancelled, rescinded, and/or revoked for the guilty party.  No release is intended for any appointed or elected public official or personality who contributed to, amplified or encouraged insurrectionist language in writing or on radio, social media, streaming audio or television.  Exclusions from prior releases still apply.  All other rights reserved.

Do good.

Suzanne Michelle Mafi King