Knowing the right next step™
King Executive Consulting

Professional and confidential preparation, feedback, coaching and selected introductions. 



  • Have you ever witnessed an executive or colleague handle a tough situation with relative ease? 
  • Did you wonder how that person was able to manage such a conflict and still maintain dignity, credibility, aplomb? 
  • If that situation had happened to you, would you be as poised?


  • Are you having trouble getting your foot in the right door?
  • Do you need help understanding corporate politics and the way things actually work in large organizations?
  • Why do certain colleagues move up and others not?
  • Did someone's promotion or impressive new job surprise you?
  • What was their advantage?

Feedback provided by King Executive Consulting is similar to that which is used by large corporations to evaluate candidates and communicate internally the potential strengths, weaknesses and suggested value to the organization.  We advise you on how to better represent your skills, experience and personal attributes.  What do they say about you?

Take the right next step and arrange for the confidential advisory session of your choice.  Your credit is safe, we use PayPal.

Do people really listen to what you have to say and understand the true intent and meaning behind the words you are using?   Are your messages working against you?  Make the impression you intend.

Who do you use?

Successful people know when its time to leverage the support of skilled technicians.

Friends and family aren't 100% dedicated to making you successful. 

Get a career coach with direct corporate experience and high level connections. 

Knowing the right next step™