Knowing the right next step™
King Executive Consulting

Professional and confidential preparation, feedback, coaching and selected introductions. 

Success Stories

King Executive Consulting is dedicated to making you successful.  Your written image (resume and correspondence), your word choice, your expressions and, yes, even your physical appearance or the way in which you carry yourself.  We help you improve.  We are supportive of your efforts.  We pay attention to you so that you can reach your maximum potential.


Our consultants recruit, coach and refer.

      The type of people we have recruited and placed in new positions:

  • General manager, COO
  • Sales leadership and multi-million $ quota individual contributors
  • Sales operations
  • Marketing leadership
  • Service delivery/project management/technical project support
  • Software engineering and development
  • Strategy management
  • Investor Relations

      Examples of who we've helped thus far:

  • VP Sales to CEO (11 months)
  • Managing Director to Chief Marketing Officer (6 months)
  • Regional Manager to VP Sales (9 months)
  • Strategy Manager to VP Administration (2.5 years)
  • Assistant VP to VP M&A (6 months)
  • Senior Associate to Associate Partner (13 months)
  • Senior Manager to Director (2 months)
  • Project Manager to Director (18 months)
  • Marketing Manager to VP Marketing (3 years)
  • Financial Analyst to Controller (4 years)
  • Legal Counsel to Assistant General Counsel (2 years)
  • Inside Sales to Field Sales Director (6 months)
  • Graphic artist to small business owner (5 months)
  • Customer Service Specialist to Senior Manager (18 months)



 “I've worked with many recruiters over the years.  You are the first that has ever provided me with information and feedback that has real value.  Thank you.”
" I got the job!  THANK YOU!"

Who do you use?

Successful people know when its time to leverage the support of skilled technicians.

Friends and family aren't 100% dedicated to making you successful. 

Get a career coach with direct corporate experience and high level connections. 

Knowing the right next step™