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King Executive Consulting, founded by Suzanne King, is dedicated to shaping how current and future business leaders present their ideas and experiences to the corporate recruiting industry.  Having witnessed a myriad of bright and talented executives and professionals fail to win positions at well-respected companies, Ms. King identified a market need to help professionals better understand their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Ms. King has 20 years of experience as a corporate business professional. Her background leverages a career in accounting, finance, corporate strategy, and mergers and acquisitions. While working for public and private, global and strictly domestic, billion-dollar to boutique-sized, professional services and industry-based companies, Suzanne has led, managed, designed, built and downsized corporate teams for a variety of industries and functional areas.  Ms. King has  introduced well over 2,000 candidates to Fortune 150 hiring managers.  She has in-depth knowledge of and expertise with corporate recruiting processes including the identification, screening, recruiting and hiring of technical, management and sales professionals.  Ms. King is an award-winning recruiter and has designed processes used by Fortune 150 corporate recruiting professionals.  Throughout her career, Ms. King has personally coached high potential individuals who have navigated various organizational cultures and corporate politics to rise in the ranks to positions of leadership and influence.  Ms. King holds a BS in Finance and Economics from the University of Southern California and an MBA in International Business from Pepperdine University.


Suzanne King 

Loraine Migliori shares more than 20 years of hands-on experience banking, investment and corporate transactions, evaluating the intentions of business leaders.  Having worked with global commercial banks as well as boutique investment banks, Ms. Migliori combines experience as a finance and strategy professional and has analyzed and negotiated corporate combinations as well as managed high-achieving teams.  She has worked with hundreds of business founders, corporate executives, and mid-level professionals, providing them strategic advice and feedback.  Ms. Migliori brings a high level of expertise in analyzing written and verbal business information for clarity, logic and maximum impact.  Throughout her career, Ms. Migliori has coached hundreds of business leaders on strategic next steps for their business endeavors which led to significant changes in their personal lives.  Ms. Migliori is based in the greater San Francisco metropolitan area, holds a BS from the University of Washington and an MBA from the Anderson School of Business at UCLA.


Loraine Migliori
Managing Director

Paul Keating has over 20 years of experience assessing, editing and providing feedback on written communication.  A frequent lecturer on the logic and intent behind business writing, Mr. Keating is also a current faculty member at a large, private university and actively contributes to the education of future business leaders.  Throughout his career, Mr. Keating has coached nearly a hundred undergraduate students seeking to enter the corporate world.  Mr. Keating holds a BA and MA in English from Chapman University.


Paul Keating

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