Knowing the right next step™
King Executive Consulting

Professional and confidential preparation, feedback, coaching and selected introductions. 

Welcome to King Executive Consulting!

We are a professional service firm dedicated to improving the successful career advancement of the corporate executive. 


Share the right information at the right time.  Services we offer include:

  • Resume review, re-work and advice
  • Cover letter review, re-work and advice
  • Interview practice with interpretation and coaching
  • Executive wardrobe solutions
  • Reference checking and advice

Our feedback is what you need to hearWe help get you ready for that important phone call, meeting or presentation.  Our approach is confidential and collaborative.  Contact to request your private appointment.

For CORPORATE CLIENTS seeking specific talent, our executive search services are tailored to unique needs.  Contact for a direct conversation regarding talent acquisition.



Do you know what your right next step should be?  When you have that tough conversation or presentation, will you be ready? We offer executive level, professional coaching. 

  • Career mapping
  • Team positioning
  • Difficult situations
  • Referrals and networking 
  • Personalized letters of introduction

Can you get in front of the person you need to meet?  For selective clientele, we arrange for certain pre-authorized introductions to further your reach and market presence.  We are relationship-based and are not a resume-spamming service.

Who do you use?

Successful people know when its time to leverage the support of skilled technicians.

Friends and family aren't 100% dedicated to making you successful. 

Get a career coach with direct corporate experience and high level connections. 

Knowing the right next step™