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King Executive Consulting

Welcome to King Executive Consulting!

King Executive Consulting (KEC) was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2009 by Suzanne King.  At the time, its focus was to assist companies and potential employees in finding the best team match by better understanding and articulating the span of human factors involved in hiring decisions.  Serving industries such as hospitality, real estate and technology, and working with professionals ranging in level of expertise and tenure, twelve years passed and teams and friendships were built.

Over this time, real estate investment, property management and remodel projects were also incorporated into the schedule of activities.  Providing a clean, functional and aesthetically pleasing living environment at a price suitable to those seeking housing carries its own span of human factors to appreciate and consider.

In 2021, Suzanne founded Mary Mary Baby Corporation and SPIN Treasure Hunt Game, changing the nature of KEC's operations to:

  • refer corporations to other corporations, including executive search firms
  • recommend corporations be involved in philanthropy
  • engage in selected real estate projects

Through SPIN™, a wide variety of charitable organizations will receive funding for their operations and reduce waste.  For more information, please visit